Pastor Jennifer Faircloth


Pastor Jennifer is the wife and best friend of Pastor Benjamin.  Most importantly, she is the mother of three awesome children, Joshua, Judah and Abigail.  Pastor Jennifer is a dynamic woman of God who is gifted in the arena of administration and accounting.  For over 30 years, she has operated both in the non-profit and corporate world of accounting/finance.  Working in several worldwide ministries has expanded her knowledge, understanding and ability to help both small and large ministries in finance.  Her integrity and desire for accountability sets her apart in her pursuit of financial excellence. 
She has traveled to over 7 nations of the world with Pastor Benjamin.  Her most favorite mission trip of all times is always to the island of Cuba.  Cuba is a special place and the church there is alive.  If you asked her where she loves to go – it is always Cuba!
Pastor Jennifer loves to worship her Lord and Savior with music or without music.  When times are good, she is singing and when times get rough, you will still find her singing.  It is her passion and desire to see those hurt by the church, abused by the world and abandon by others saved, restored and healed.  Pastor Jennifer is the author of “Pursuing Him In Spite of Them” which details some of the things she herself has gone through at the hands of church folk.
In May 2011, Pastor Benjamin and Jennifer began Ignited Church in the living room of their home with three (3) people.  Since then, the Lord has blessed us with a special group of believers from all around the world pursuing the presence of God in these end times.  Hungry for His presence, desiring His Glory and pursing Truth, we will see Him manifest Himself in these last days.

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