A Place Called There

In I Kings 17, The prophet Elijah predicted a drought and is told to go to the brook Cherith (V4). 

The Lord said ‘there’ he would provide for him.  In every one’s life, there is a place where God has called you to.  It is a place designed for the blessings of God to freely flow.  It is a place not about only money but food, healing, life – anything you need to sustain life will freely flow!   It is in that place called there.  There is a place that you need to be.  A place designed especially for you.  I have heard many preachers preach this chapter and how God would provide for you just as the ravens provided for Elijah. Yet when you study it out, a raven is actually what we would call a buzzard.  Yes, that’s right – A Buzzard.  God had to change the creative order and structure of this bird so that Elijah would be provided for.  I have never seen a buzzard share – not even with others of his kind.  Yet every morning and night, the buzzard provided the necessary items to sustain Elijah.  Too many people want to go everywhere else but there.  If you are called to a certain place (There), your blessings are flowing like a waterfall.  But if you are somewhere’s else, then you aren’t under the waterfall.  You are a point A and There is at point B.  I encourage you to find There – get there – and watch God move greatly in your life.