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Whatever you are believing … may it be granted
Whatever you are pursing … pursue it wholeheartedly
Whatever you desire … believe for the impossible
But whatever you do, do it to the Glory of God!
to an amazing man, Mother to three amazing children,
Co-Pastor to an incredible group of believers.
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When you are born on this earth, you start on a journey—a journey full of experiences made up of new adventures, places, faces and discoveries. It’s a journey of ups and down, good and bad, victories and defeats. But what will you do with the friendly fire from your fellow Christian believer? What will you do with the betrayal, loneliness, hardships, trials or disappointments? Do you quit? Do you run? From Song of Solomon, Pastor Jennifer Faircloth explores the journey between the Shulamite woman and her beloved. This journey combined with her own personal experiences will leave you with one question – Will you pursue Him in spite of Them?
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