Cuba – My 2nd Home

We just returned from a mission trip to Cuba.  It has been 6 years since we were last there due to COVID – lockdowns – sickness.  Since I first visited there 20 years ago, the church is still the same.  Though the conditions are the worst I have ever seen it, the people of God have not lost their excitement and praise.  The devil has not defeated them.  They still praise with so much enthusiasm and worship with purity and hunger.  They are a happy people with hope and expectation.  They are the modern-day children of Israel held in captivity.  The conditions are so bad – no food, no basic items, no gas, daily power blackouts.  Health care may be free but if you need a surgery you must provide the supplies like gloves, needles, syringes, etc.  Many items cannot be purchased no matter how much money you have because it is just not available on the island.  Yet the people love you and will give you the shirt off there back when they barely have anything.  They love you because of your sacrifice of coming.  They are special – really special.  Please pray for your brothers and sisters.  They are in desperate need of a breakthrough.