Difficult Decisions

Over the years, I have been taught many saying that seem more important today than ever.  One of those sayings is…. “Never make a long term decision on a short term emotion.”  In Genesis 25, we are told the tale of two brothers and the older sells his birthright to the other.  Esau was hungry – a temporary emotion or feeling.  The birthright was such a life time benefit with blessing that would reach a long time.  Yet Esau made a long term decision on a short term emotion. How many today are making life long decision all because of a short term emotion?  People get upset yet are willing to leave everything they have worked for.  People lose a job and take their life because they can’t see the future.  These are small examples but so true.  Emotions are so temporarily.  Everything is subject to change.  Small children are a great example of emotions.  One minute they are fine – the next they are screaming their heads off – then the next they are fine again.  Don’t make any hasty decisions.  We have a policy at my house that we never make a difficult decision at night.  We must sleep on it.  We must ensure we have a clear head and a peaceful heart.  Whatever you do in these difficult days, Never make a long term decision on a short term emotion.