Don’t let anyone stop you!

Don’t let ANYONE stop you!  I write today with a heavy heart that I wonder if anyone else has dealt with the same struggle I have experienced.  When I was a child, I loved to sing – in fact, I still do.  But as I wrote in my book (Pursuing Him in spite of Them), I had a youth pastor couple whom I looked up to tell me to my face that I couldn’t sing.  They said I wasn’t worth their time for development.  It affected me so deeply.  A year later when I went to Bible College, they had a Praise & Worship program you could attend however since I was so effect I didn’t pursue it.  It was because of my singing that my husband and I got together that Fall weekend and it has never been the same!  Recently, I heard a Women of God in an interview (please note: I worked for the couple and created/set up their accounting in the church) say that it was her mission to help women fulfill their purpose.  As I listened to this well sought out Women of God whose childhood was similar to mine, I thought “Wait a minute!”  After all the hours I spent there, personal dinners and errands I did, etc you never once asked what my desire was. Never once invested in me.  Since I am an accountant, everyone just assumes that accounting/finance is who I am and what I want to do.  However that is the exact opposite of my desire.  Accounting is what I do for a living right now – Paul made tents (Acts 18:1-4).  But my desire for God is greater than the Monday to Friday Corporate office job.  I said to myself “I will pursue God harder and seek Him more so I can buy back the time I may have lost.” (Eph 5:16)  I am more determined to do something great for God.  God can’t prosper something you will not step out and do. He can’t bless what you won’t build.  So today, if you have something you desire to do and someone told you that you couldn’t do it – Go Make it Happen!  Step out in Faith!  God will bless you!