It seems life can be turned upside down in a matter of minutes.  One minute you are going about your day and the next you feel you took a wrong left turn but you didn’t even know it.  No matter if it’s a doctor visit, a test result, an unexpected bill in the mail or a phone call that you never saw coming -whatever the situation you face, know this – He is able!  He is bigger than your situation.  He is greater than your circumstance.  He is badder than the enemy out to get you!  He is able!!! He is able to do exceeding, abundantly above all you could ever think or image.  There is no sickness to great for our God.  There is no disease He has not conquered.  There is no financial bill that He cannot provide for!  There is no situation that He cannot handle!  Our God is greater, bigger, stronger, wiser!  IF He created you, then He can fix you!  He has already taken your sickness and disease upon His back and defeated the death at the Cross of Calvary!  He is able!  If every hair on your head is numbered, then I’m positive He is concerned about your current situation.  I love my children but I can’t tell you how many hairs are on their head!  Think about it.  He knows when number 47 has fallen out.  He cares so much about you!  Don’t forget HE IS ABLE and HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH!!!!!