“He is Faithful!”

It’s seems the past few months have been a tornado that never stops.  I have had to prepare my family – husband and my 3 young ins – to leave home so they could deliver the most needed supplies to a flooded town in Tennessee.  Only to have them come home and leave again the following week for the hurricane destroyed area of New Orleans.  I stayed home because of my job and responsibilities here at the home front.  But trust me – I was super hard.  Then the test and trials of modern-day technology where you can’t get to your website to upload anything all because someone points the fingers to someone else and the vicus cycle has just begun.  Every weekend something is going on.  Work pulls you from the time you get there to well after you leave.  Long days – short nights and no rest for the weary.

But in the past few months, I have seen God’s faithful through it all.  There have been so many times I have said, “Lord I can’t do this.”  That must have been when He began to carry me by the sea shore leaving only one footprint.  He has been so faithful!  He was faithful to carry my family through 6 states and hundreds/thousands of miles.  Faithful to provide the necessary supplies – Faithful to use Fireman to host and supply gas when it couldn’t be found – Faithful to make a way when there seemed to be no way.  He is Faithful thru every trial, thru every storm, thru every situation.  He is faithful to see His word through and faithful to His promises.  All I know is thru it all I’ve learned to Trust in Jesus and I’ve learned to Trust in God!!!!  He IS Faithful!!!!