Is Jesus in your boat?

In Mark 4:36-41, Jesus and the disciples were on the boat going to the other side.  Many of the disciples were fisherman.  So they were use to being on the water every day.  They knew the boat, the water, the clouds and the storms.  They lived on the water – they understood the storm clouds.  They were not like me – an every now and then person on a boat – well ok never on a boat person.  So when you think about the events and the storm that had to appear, it must have shook them to their core.  It’s kind of like me in finance/accounting for all of my professional career 31+ years.  Many times, people get all upset and panic regarding financial issues or payroll.  I usually know what has happened and brush it off as ‘its this or that.’  Don’t worry!  So this storm had to be one they had never seen before. One of the once in a lifetime storms. It terrified them so much so that they woke Jesus up who was sleeping below.  Now honestly if Dad is taking a Sunday nap, you don’t wake him unless the house is on fire.  (You know what I mean). Jesus of course speaks to the wind and the sea and everything went back to normal.   In Verse 40 the NASB translation says “And He said to them, “Why are you afraid?  Do you still have no faith?”  Jesus had been teaching them and doing miracles in front of them.  Yet here He is asking them, you still don’t believe me?  You still don’t have belief or trust?  How many so-called Christians have been in church for years and still get discombobulated when the littlest thing comes their way.  If Jesus is with you, then all things are possible.  When are we going to realize that Jesus is the answer to every prayer we pray?  Today we act just like the disciples – we have been in church forever yet still panic over things crying out to God when He has given us the power of overcome every situation! Listen if Jesus is in the boat – if He is in your life – there is nothing else you need.  He has power over everything.  No matter how bad things may get, if Jesus is with you everything is gonna be alright.