Just a thought…..

Today, the Lord blessed us tremendously with even the little things.  We set out to Commerce GA looking for a 28 foot commercial truck for the disaster relief project.  We looked around at various dealers and parking lots.  We had stopped for lunch and ate in the car with the windows down.  Pastor says “do you hear that?  They are drag racing!”  So we drove over to the track and sure enough they were racing.  Pastor drove up to the ticket booth trying to find out some information.  The precious lady gives us the price ($15 per adults) and then says “you guys go on it and check it out.  It’s about to rain and they are trying to get qualifying in.  Go up to the stands and watch.”  Shocked, amazed and excited that is exactly what we did.  There was no one there but two other family in the stands.  For 2 hours we sat there watching drag racing.  What is amazing to me is several months ago, we had gone to this very track and my husband said one day guys when we can I would love to take you to the track so you could see it.  As a kid, I remember going to the Don Garlit track in Tampa on Friday nights.  God hears your every thought and every whisper.  Psalms 139 speaks of this very plainly.  In this chapter, David is saying  You understand my thought. Where can I go from your Spirit? Then you formed me and made me.  God knows you – He hears you – He understands you!  My husband didn’t pray the prayer – he did ask God.  It was just an earnest desire from long ago.  Then God heard it and on Father’s Day weekend blessed us with front row seats – well any seat we wanted – and a stadium all to ourselves. When you are faithful to pray, worship and seek the Father, sometimes you don’t have to pray it.  He already knows what you really desire and He will bless you!  I encourage you today to get closer to the Father and watch Him bless you even with a thought or a small ‘I’d love to.’