On the Race to Nowhere!

It is amazing to me when we travel to the big city like Greenville or Athens how people young and old are racing. Always in a hurry no matter if they are in a car or standing in line.  I see it in Lavonia some but not a lot.  Most people are laid back and relaxed whether it’s at the grocery store or driving down the road.  But in the bigger city, it seems to me that people are in a race. I wonder and think… “Where are you going?  If you are in a store or driving down the road, you just get to sit at the next light or sit on interstate at the next accident.” We race thru the day only to sit and wait at the next event in front of us.  Could it be that people are in such a hurry to get everything done because they are scared of things happening? Could it be that people really hate others and this attitude is displayed in daily life?  Could it be they are that busy every day? But why do we have this mean attitude?

Whatever it is, tomorrow will take care of itself.  Life is but a vapor and true peace can only come thru Jesus Christ.  So find peace – find Him – cast all your cares upon Him!