Proverbs 19:27

Several years ago, I struggled with a decision I had to make at work.  You see previously, I had agreed with the upper management to complete something regarding my life yet my heart was not for the corporate world.  Pastor was like ‘do what you feel in your heart. I am with you.’  But I struggled with – “I am to continue down this path or should I quit?”  I had prayed about it (well I thought I had).  Then one Sunday morning during service as Pastor was preaching, he said, “The Father is saying everyone does what they want, but no one asked me.”  Sitting on the front row, I thought someone had just socked me right in the gut.  It hit my spirit so hard that I was speechless.  Frankly I have no idea what the rest of the message was about.  Have you ever been there?  Can I get an Amen?

So that afternoon, I begin to study the scriptures.  I feel like when you get something in a service like that then you should go to the Word of God to back it up.  If the voice of the Lord is speaking, He will Never – I mean Never – contradict what He has already said in His Word.  So of course, I prayed and as I begin to read, I think the words jumped off the pages and I sat there in Awe!!! Proverbs 19:27 says “Cease listening, my son, to discipline, and you will stray from the words of knowledge.” The World Discipline there can be translated instructions.  One translation actually says, “Cease, my son is hear nothing that would lead thee away from God and his truth.” Right there in the Word of God was my answer.  If I had continued down the path that my job wanted, it would have lead me away from God and the things in my heart.  He said Stop!  Don’t listen to them that lead you away from me. 

Today if you are listening to those whether it is a job, friends, minister, YouTube or anything else who are leading you down a path away from God and His truth, the Word of God says STOP IT!  Cease listening to instruction that leads you away from God and His Truth.  Proverbs 19:27