Refocus – Revisit – Renew

Recently, I was riding the exercise bike watching my children play games and these simple words spoke to my spirit – Refocus, Revisit and Renew.  Afterwards, I begin to think about how this past year there were so many unknowns – ups and downs, stop-go and everything in between.  To some, it appeared as if life came to a halt.  To others, Lockdown and quarantine created a culture of self  while exposing  the darkness hidden within all the while the church sat by on the sidelines waiting for their redemption.  A year has gone by and life is starting to come back to some type of regular.  Though we will never go back to the good ole days, we must walk through the new restrictions of life. 

In so doing, we as believers must refocus.  Refocus our goals

We must revisit our dreams.  Revisit is to consider again from a different perspective. 

Renew our plans for God.  Renew is to resume after an interruption. 

How many will agree that 2020 had a huge interruption into your plans?  I did not plan on January 1 2020 to sit home for 6-8 weeks in house confinement.  (Though we had fun – don’t get me wrong- it just wasn’t something I had ever imagined would happen.) But now we are on the other side and it is time to get busy.  It is time to put your hand to the flow (Luke 9:62) and get busy.  We all have a part – we all have an assignment – we all have a gift (Romans 12:6-8).  It’s time to take those dreams, plans and desire rekindle them with a renewed vision.  The harvest fields are white (John 4:34)…. It’s time to Get busy for Jesus!