Sisters is the women’s ministry of Pastor Jennifer Faircloth and Ignited Church.  We are a group of ladies ready to reach a lost a dying world for Jesus Christ.  We come from all different backgrounds, all different ages and all different cultures with one purpose and one goal. We do not sit around learning more and more but rather we go and do thus said the Lord.  It is our desire to reach every ages group at every stage in life.  We believe “we have been called to the Kingdom for just a time as this!”
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Help us reach our city, nation and the world – WOMI Disaster Relief
We are currently taking donations in preparation for the upcoming Hurricane and storm disaster relief.  Please remember we request all new and unopened items.  
Non-perishable foods, bottled water and gallon size, dry cereal, pop tarts, granola bars, bulk rice, pull-tab can goods (soups, veg, meat).  100% Fruit juice, sport drinks
Cleaning supplies – mops, brooms, bleach, bleach wipes.
Hygiene kits – toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, disposable razors, feminine products, shampoo
Medical supplies – band aids, medical tape, eye drops, chap sticks, 
For a complete list, please check the link below.
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