Sitting in the Eagles Nest

Recently, I took a few days off from work to spend with family.  When I returned from work, I was reminded how important it is to know and understand your seasons.  I am reminded of the story of a mother eagle.  When she prepares a nest, it is filled with cotton, cloth and anything soft and fluffy.  She lays her eggs and her babies are born.  She feeds them – she cares for them – she nurtures them.  As time goes by and it’s time for them to learn to fly, she begins to pull some of the comfort layers out from underneath them.  This is in hopes that they will be uncomfortable and want to get out of their sweet home.  But many times, when the babies do not leave, she will continue to remove the cloth – the cotton – the comfortable nesting.  She will do this until all the comfort of this sweet cozy nest is gone and the babies are so miserable that they want to fly.  Fly Fly away!   (You may be wondering how does my accounting job and a eagle’s nest compare.  I’m glad you asked.)  You see when you are in the right season – everything is good – everything works.  But when God wants to move us into the next season He moves the comfort of the current season and then things that never bothered you before, begin to bother you.  You begin to get irritated over the same things that once before you didn’t even think about.  God’s grace for that season is moving.  If you don’t understand your season, everything will begin to bother you.  Every little thing upsets you – the voices bother you – an assignment will bother you. The Grace for that season has moved but you are still there wondering what is going on. The Grace over you has left but you are still there irritated, upset, angry, confused and bothered by everything little thing.  God has moved 3 states over and you are still sitting in the same spot.  It’s imperative we know and understand when God is moving us. It’s so important to our own well-being that we see and hear what He is doing.  If you have ever experienced the grace leaving and the irritation when you are still there or maybe see someone, you will recognize it.