Wrong Assignment

Recently I heard a story from a man of God whom Pastor and I have known thru the years. He has gone on to his Heavenly reward but was a true man of God.  He told a story that still shakes me to my core just thinking of the possibility.  You see, he was in College a few decades ago and had to take a Science class of which he chose Oceanography.  The class had about 700 students and the professor he wasn’t taking attendance but there were three test and a project.  So as along as you passed the test and did the project, this man of God thought he would be good to go.  For the project, he picked his topic doing extensive research and designed a lecture.  When he presented his lecture, it was preached rather than taught and the entire class gave him a standing ovation.  He received his project back and the professor put = Great research – incredible presentation – Final Grade F – WRONG ASSIGNMENT.  When you think about this in the spiritual realm, I don’t want to get to Heaven and stand before our Heavenly Father – only for Him to say, “You did many great things.  You worked with all your heart.  However, that isn’t what I called you to do.”   Finding out what God has called us to do is so important for our success here on earth but more importantly for our rewards in Heaven. Think about it – you don’t get to Heaven and say “Can I get a redo?”  You get one shot at this.  Find out your calling – find your God given assignment – Find the reason and purpose for which you were placed on this earth.